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Women’s fashion trends of Sexy dress may come and go, clothing styles may change from season to season but pants remain an affix clothing item in every woman’s wardrobe. They wear them to almost any event or occasion but the hard part is to find the perfect pant that compliments your body shape and makes you feel comfortable.

Womens jeggings jeans are made of various materials like cotton, spandex, latex, nylon, wool, leather etc. Depending on the weather, you can choose your leggings. As per styles, always wear something long with them. Tunics of-mid thigh length is a very good combination. It goes well with all shapes. For a cool evening, when it is not too cold to wear heavy jackets, leggings look good with a long sweater and a shirt underneath. For tall and lean women, loose sweaters with skinny leggings give a perfect balance.

Who are shy to wear mini or short dresses, leggings solve the problem. You can make yourself look smart by teaming up a short dress with a contrast color legging. But this style looks good only on young ladies and teenagers. Leggings and skirts also make a very good combination. A normal short skirt and top, paired with legging give a very casual look. The skirt can also be replaced by shorts. These combinations become particularly helpful when you are hesitant to show off your skin. Leggings allow women to pull off skirts of all lengths.

There are three basic styles: flared, fitted, and straight and the first thing you need to know is which style suits you best and which one you should stay away from. Remember the idea is to choose the ones that flatter your body.

To make your shopping trip stress free here are some tips worth remembering

1) If you are petite and want to look tall you should always go for the same color on the top and bottom. On the other hand if you are tall you can downsize your height by wearing different colors on top and bottom.

2) Too thin or too heavy women should never go for fitted legs. Flared legs go well with the tall slender figure while straight legs are better choice if you have fuller thighs. If you want to create fullness use a wide legged pant.

3) Another important element is choosing the right fabric such as denim, corduroy, velveteen, cotton, knits, and medium weight blends are used for pants. Unless you have a perfect figure at all costs avoid fabric that clings tightly to your body as it will accentuate your body shape.

4) Your pants should always fit comfortably at the waist but avoid pants that are too tight around the hips and thighs. Your pants should never wrinkle at the waist, or look baggie on you bum.

Remember to take your time keep trying until you find the perfect one that fits you perfectly, flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable but keep in mind weather you are short or tall, thin or heavy there are pants available that can flatter your figure!

Wide-leg slacks

– Among the entire craze about skinny jeans, we have rather forgotten the elegance that comes with wide-leg pants. Worn with a formal blouse or a dress shirt, these pants can look extremely elegant and almost as feminine as a formal dress. In fact, these are perfect for women who do not like pencil skirts. Every woman must own a pair of wide-bottom slacks. Ideally, you should wear these in black or grey with light-colored formal tops.

Ankle pants- Several women see ankle pants as immature or girly. However, when the summer arrives, notice women wearing these with light and cheerful tops and you will realize just how amazing you can make these look! Every woman must have a pair of this type of women’s pants. Pairing up a bright-colored top with white ankle pants can be the perfect dress for a hot summer afternoon. Pair these up with your favorite pair of sandals and shades!

Printed pants – The best thing about the modern fashion trends is that they can look good on women of every age. Regardless of your age, you must own a pair of printed pants. These are extremely popular these days and can look ideal when worn with the right tops. If you buy these and you feel that they are not right for you, do not worry. They can still be your favorite pants for casual parties!

Bright-colored pants Sexy dress – We all have been seeing those red and turquoise skinny jeans becoming extremely popular. This summer is all about bright colors and if you are looking for the best types of women’s pants, you cannot find something better than a bright-colored pair. Get one in your favorite color and pair it up with your best white blouse. You shall see the amazing result yourself!